Our Process

We follow five basic tenets in our approach to gaining insight into your business and helping you move it to greater success.  They are as follows:

  • To be successful we must Identity the critical issues.  Our disciplined process ensures we are focused on those elements that will make the most difference in the development of effective solutions.
  • Insight begins with Measurement.  It refines direction and provides a foundation for improvement.
  • Effective Analysis couples measurement and experience.  It combines quantitative insight and qualitative experience to target key opportunities for improvement.
  • Effective Solutions occur when facts are present, consensus is reached and discipline is brought to the decision process.
  • Execution is a science.  Successful execution requires a disciplined approach.  Critical components must be measured and accountability to the process must be maintained.


Regardless of the issue, there are four things your audience will want to tell you.   Measuring and analyzing  the  components of these issues provides the objective insight needed to define strategic direction:

  • Certain things you do are basic (or cost of entry).  You are expected to do these things well and do them consistently.  They don’t add value but they will cause your audience to abandon you if performed poorly.
  • There are things they value highly in your product, service or experience.  Your audience expects you will maintain and improve performance in the elements they value most.
  • There are things your business does that irritate them.  Many times a company’s audience will accept these things because all industry competitors irritate them in the same way.
  • Finally, there are things that are unimportant to an audience and any efforts to improve performance will not lead to additional value.