Getting Started


Companies that make meaningful advances share some common traits:

  • They have identified, prioritized and focused on two to four critical issues or opportunities that will result in business growth;
  • They have united their leadership around these initiatives;
  • They have developed diverse but coordinated strategies focused on a critical few issues;
  • They have demonstrated excellence in their executional disciplines.

However, as in most things, the initial steps are the most important to a successful result.  

Getting started is about identifying and prioritizing the “critical growth issues.”

Many companies assume they know these issues.  However, our experience demonstrates that a high percentage have either misidentified or incorrectly prioritized the true crucial issues in their business.  In general, companies are busy operating.  When plans are created and strategies are set, they are not around the issues that will provide the best growth potential.  They are around issues inside the business that take the most energy or provide the most angst. Often, the efforts to define these “critical growth issues” are determined without data points.  Most businesses have lag financial history, but lack the leading indicators data points that really drive results.  Even more, what is lacking in most cases is the measurement and analysis that results from solid research.

Companies need to be working on the issues with the best potential to influence growth.

Our process is highly effective, regardless of how large or small the assignment.   We can make a difference in the boardroom or with any individual department or problem.  

The key to any solution is a true understanding of the components of the issue.   That’s what the Insight to Execution process brings, regardless of the size or complexity of the problem.  Think about your product, marketing, sales, service or customer retention issues.  Our process provides a platform for the development of effective and focused solutions.

The disciplined processes that helps companies identify and prioritize critical path issues are the core competency of Insight to Execution.

We believe the best way for you to get started is to call us.  We can quickly review our disciplined process and our Critical Insight MapSM with you.  You can start by clicking the button below for a free download of the map.  When you call, we’ll set you up with a free webinar to explain how our process works.



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