About Us

For more than 30 years, the three partners of Insight to Execution have been privileged to be involved in franchising and the support of small business, as we have been working within – and ultimately leading – one of the country’s largest franchise systems.  We started out by owning our own franchises, so we were successful small business owners.  At the request of ServiceMaster, we sold our franchises and became senior executives with the company, which has more than 5,000 franchises, creates more than $2 billion in revenues each year, and serves in more than 30 countries under four brand names: ServiceMaster Clean, Merry Maids, Amerispec and Furniture Medic.  Recently, we banded together to return to the marketplace as Merry Maids franchise owners. 

So we understand the power of franchising and small business.  We know that, through this power, we can grow and develop new services and create significant market penetration by using tried and true principles of execution and values-based leadership.  Throughout our careers, we have helped to develop proven systems and strong relationships that have provided increased value for customers, franchisees, franchisors, and investors alike.

Our comprehensive hands-on experience includes the following:

  • Leading a growing and strong iconic brand
  • Building and executing  strategic plans
  • Establishing operating budgets and working within them
  • Dealing with the challenges of the economy and growth 
  • Operating in both public and private ownership environments
  • Designing and launching marketing plans that have successfully grown brands
  • Meeting the many requirements of legal, HR, accounting and IT issues head-on

In short, our experience is not theoretical or something we’ve learned from a book.  We have done it, and our success is a matter of public record.  With our combined experience of more than a century in franchise ownership and leadership, we have the knowledge, experience and value-based leadership that can only be developed through time. 

In the summer of 2012, the three of us decided it was time to leave ServiceMaster and seek an opportunity where we could continue to work together as part of the franchising industry.  We wanted to leverage our experience and skills to help businesses grow their revenues and profits, and to help solve strategic issues that franchises and small businesses face – issues that have real consequences.  We also wanted to make our experience and knowledge available in the context of relationships and value-based leadership.  Most of all, we wanted the opportunity to build a new business that would be of real service to the industry we know so well – franchising.

We talked together, we dreamed together, we planned together, we even prayed together.  As part of the process, we discovered a great tool that visually enables us to help franchise organizations focus on the areas of their businesses that will most likely result in growth.

The result is Insight to Execution – working on what matters most.